The big day arrived, the one that many of us expected. Photographing the wedding of Patricia and Albert at the Finca Prats de Lleida was something indescribable. Of course, I am sure that the fantastic atmosphere took control of this couple and managed to captivate all their guests. We could say that it was one of the most incredible and intense weekends that we have experienced this wedding season.

Albert, days before the big day, asked us if we could take some pictures of her while she had her hair cut and her beard trimmed at the Hair Salon Vintage Mr, Xgo and we did. After having her hair and makeup done at the Marta Farran hairdresser in the city, Patricia arrived at her parents’ house. From the beginning, accompanied by her family, she prepared and gave us intimate moments with her little Andreu. Meanwhile, Albert and his tailoring suit Lorenzo was getting ready with his closest relatives for such a beautiful day.

The day started off perfect and Patricia was radiant. The incredible Aire Barcelona wedding dress was spectacular for her and she only added more and more ingredients to make the day perfect, we were enchanted!

It seems common to say that a wedding is wonderful, but for my partner Toni Valle and for a server it was simply incredible, the ceremony in the church of Sant Llorenç was unique and emotional where the hosts took advantage of the big day to baptize little Andreu, the cloister the majestic Seu Vella was the setting for the wedding report and the Finca Prats showed us their best clothes, a charming couple and their families who will always have a place in my heart.

We are very happy to show you this incredible wedding in Sant Llorenç, La Seu Vella and Finca Prats, enjoy!