It is David Delgado

At the door of the forties, I am from Zaragoza and I have lived in Lleida for almost thirty… huff looking back, many years!

In love with my two princesses Paula & Cintia… Among many other things, to the first I am teaching her to divide and to the second I am teaching her to paint, honestly? They are the engine of my life, very creative, taught me a lot!

I am passionate about good cinema, I could not understand life without music, I love to walk under the rain while I see people running and the water reflections in the streets. I was born restless, because I am curious about everything, I am nostalgic and I do not like coffee.

Oh! I also one of my passions is photography! I am interested and feel so much admiration for wedding pictures. I love capture people feelings in one of the most important moments in their lives, that is very exciting.

Aside from self-educating, I also distance studied in New York Institute of Photography. I learnt and I continue to learn in masterclasses and short courses, with masters of weddings photography from everywhere in the world. I will never stop learning. It is part of my mentality, because life is that path where you have to improve yourself in order to be better everyday.

Delgado is a surname with character… Looking back I realised I became a photographer when I was a child. I used to contemplate how my Uncle and beloved Godfather used his camera and how he developed the film roll in his rudimentary photo lab. Unfortunately I do not have him with me anymore, nowadays I regret not having enough pictures with him.

I have butterflies in my stomach when I think how fortunate I am because I work doing what I love the most, I feel lucky to share moments with people, who will remember me fondly as I participated in one of the happiest moments of their lives and have the privilege to capture those memories forever in pictures… To all this people thank you for trusting me.