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There are moments in life that you would never exchange for anything in the world. Photographing the wedding of Montse and Manel at the Hotel Le Meridien Ra in El Vendrell was one of them. Of course, I’m sure the sea breeze took control of this couple and all of their guests. This was one of the most incredible and intense weekends we have experienced this wedding season.

From the beginning, Montse and her family were preparing in Le Meridien Ra, one of the hotels with more history in the province of Tarragona. Le Meridien Ra is located in El Vendrell, in the beach area of ​​the village and the views of the Suite de Montse from the old part of the hotel were incredible to the Mediterranean Sea … no words! Meanwhile, in the new part of the hotel was Manel, his family and his best friends, they got ready and had fun times.

The day started perfect and Montse was radiant. Gala Garcia’s amazing wedding dress was spectacular for her and she only added more and more ingredients to make the day perfect.

It seems common to say that a wedding is wonderful, but this was simply amazing, not only for its decoration, which was spectacular, not only for the ceremony, which was unique and emotional, not only for the place, Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa He showed us his finery, but for a lovely couple and families that will always have a place in my heart.

We took the best of them and especially of all those people with whom we met throughout the evening and made this wedding a memorable wedding. I would like to highlight the presence and dedication of Emma Casas and her wedding planning team that were so useful, professional and fantastic. And also Esther Saumell, who did an excellent job to make the bride and friends shine.

We are very happy to show you this amazing wedding at Le Meridien Ra, enjoy!

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