The great day arrived, the one that many expected. Photographing the wedding of Meritxell and Marc in La Boscana from Bellvís (Lleida) was indescribable. Of course, I am sure that the fantastic atmosphere took control of this couple and managed to captivate all their guests. We could say that it was one of the most incredible and intense weekends we have experienced in this wedding season.

Meritxell, after combing her hair and applying her makeup at the city’s barber shop, arrived at the farm. From the beginning, accompanied by her family and her closest friends, they prepared in the wedding room of the La Boscana house, one of the most important estates in the province of Lleida. La Boscana is located in Bellvís, 20 km from the city. Meanwhile, in the other part of the house was Marc with his relatives and his Goumar suit, they were getting ready and having fun times.

The day started perfectly and Meritxell was radiant. Jesús Peiró’s incredible wedding dress was spectacular for her and she only added more and more ingredients to make the day perfect, you dazzled us!

It seems common to say that a wedding is wonderful, but for my partner Laura Escribá and for a server it was simply incredible, not only for its floral decoration made by Flaires i Flors that was spectacular, not only for the ceremony that was unique and emotional, no Just for the place, La Boscana showed us his best clothes, a lovely couple and their families that will always have a place in my heart.

We are very happy to show this incredible wedding at La Boscana, enjoy!